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Cloud Solutions with Barracuda by James Forbes May, Vice President of APAC Sales, Barracuda Networks  

Businesses in almost every sector have been experiencing significant disruptive technology in the last 2 to 5 years. The impact has been major changing many aspects of how businesses are run. So much so that if you are left out, or not up to date, it quite literally could spell the end for your business.

In this new data driven world, it has become imperative to keep up with the speed at which digital business is conducted. The booming IoT trend as an example, has been responsible for speeded up interactions between front-liners, customers, colleagues, production lines and management.  The speed of interaction is now so critical that it could mean the difference between closing a deal and losing it, if you aren’t on the ball.

To keep up and to remain competitive, many businesses have started using cloud platforms, one of the most popular being Office365. With cloud computing, there is little doubt one does increase efficiency and help improve cash flow.  Where in the past, businesses would have applications and programs from software downloaded on a computer or server in the building, today you can gain access to your applications directly through the internet. This means huge flexibility in the type of devices that can run applications and flexibility in licensing models.

Many options are available today Infrastructure, Application Software all available “as a Service” on the cloud. Moving to any cloud service looks easy on the surface, but ease of entry can result in making the wrong cloud decision. Moving key applications to cloud, while keeping control over on-premises digital information, and at the same time having a layer of protection and scalability over all of your IT assets is hard to achieve. For those of you who are using Office 365, you get efficiency and productivity however it might not be able to secure all your data as you might believe or hope.

So how well protected is your cloud based data?

Literally millions of users have turned to Office 365 as an answer to their data and productivity management. Many make the assumption that their data is automatically given enterprise class protection, unfortunately this is simply not the case. Cloud based data such as that residing in Office 365 is still subject to significant risk of data loss.

  •  Accidental user deletion

  • Malicious data destruction by an authorized user

  • Data corruption

  • Data migration issues

  • Third-party application errors

  • Data overwrites / replacements with incorrect data

These are some of the serious issues that you need to look at if the business is to run smoothly. However, the reality is that you cannot rely on Office 365 without specialist data protection tools to keep you safe from some of these issues raised above.

With Barracuda Cloud, the first ecosystem that leverages on-demand cloud computing and simplifies data security, storage and IT management, you are able to take care of those issues succinctly.
Whether you are using onsite physical appliances, virtual appliances, or running solutions on AWS and Microsoft Azure, you have the option of utilizing Barracuda Cloud and SaaS options that are also available for email or web security, file sharing as well as electronic signature solutions.

The benefits you will find from adopting Barracuda Cloud include:

  • Ensure Performance. Offload resource-intensive security tasks such as email and web content filtering to the cloud.

  • Ease of Use. Remotely access your data, monitor your network and configure your security policies, even if your data centre is down.

  • Added Layer of Protection. Automatically get a secure, offsite backup of all of your business data including emails and signed contracts. Block attacks before they hit your network or website.

  • Cost effective scalability. The global cloud lets you quickly and inexpensively scale your protection as your business needs grow.

Cloud Hopping with Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Taking it a step further, Barracuda also offers protection on other clouds, or cloud hopping. There is no need to change providers. You can keep your data and application running from your cloud safely backup your data to Barracuda’s cloud.

We protect your Office 365 data, creating safe, secure and recoverable copy that we store in our own cloud purpose built for data protection.

Beware The Red Herrings.

In conclusion whilst moving to cloud seems like an easy task, the devil is in the detail. If you don’t look closely especially at the data protection SLA’s then you may get catch a red herring. I am not overstating when I say that taking it for granted that any cloud offering is as secure as you need is simply an invitation to disaster. At Barracuda we have already done a lot of that thinking for you, a quick chat with one of our people or one of our partners could easily make the difference between putting your data at risk or having it fully protected as you move to cloud.

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