Closing the Security Gaps - Never Stand Still

In the enterprise IT space, we’re experiencing an unprecedented openness in the use of technology, which provides both new opportunities for business as well as challenges in terms of security. The increasing use of laptops, tablets, mobile devices and other wireless gadgets connected with corporate networks has all but eroded network perimeters. Endpoint devices have become the new security perimeter and as such, are prime targets for hackers hoping to infiltrate the network.

The threats, meanwhile, have become more targeted, dynamic, sophisticated and diverse. From malware attacks, which in and of itself comes in all shapes and sizes including viruses, worms, spyware and ransomware, non-malware attacks, zero-day attacks, application specific attacks, DoS/DDoS Attacks, web application attacks to reconnaissance attacks, cybercrime has pretty much become its own industry and a lucrative one at that.

Ransomware cybercriminals in particular took in about $1 billion in 2016 alone. The core issue is the lack of strong security practices that would prevent hackers from getting into computer systems. In other words, there are security gaps that urgently need to be closed and relying merely on traditional security solutions, which are reactive in nature, is no longer good enough.

The only way to effectively thwart advanced modern-day attacks is by employing a multi-layered approach that has all your security bases covered. With their latest offering, the Cb Endpoint Security Platform, Carbon Black is hoping to help organisations of all sizes replace ineffective antivirus solutions, lock down endpoints and critical systems, and arm incident response teams with the most advanced tools to hunt down threats. Cb Endpoint Security Platform is powered by the Cb Collective Defense Cloud, which assesses what’s safe and what’s not in your environment based on the most complete endpoint data. This next-generation attack analytics engine crunches big data related to attacks, threats, behaviours, and change, with the singular purpose of identifying malicious activity.

Other core components of the security platform include Cb Defense, Carbon Black’s own next-gen antivirus with streaming prevention, Cb Response, their most precise IR and threat hunting solution as well as Cb Protection, which provides the most proven application control solution for enterprise endpoints and critical systems.

The war for security and business integrity is now being waged at the endpoint and now more than ever, enterprises have to take proactive steps to safeguard their data, both in the cloud and on-premise. Eliminating any and all security gaps is essential to keep the cybercriminals at bay.

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