Backup Pain Solved - NetApp E-Series Flash with Veeam Hyper-Availability

Ask any IT professional where their greatest source of pain is and it would be a safe bet that backup and recovery operations is near the top of the list.
If you have ever heard yourself or colleague say things like, “The backup team can’t join the meeting today, they’re looking into why the backup didn’t complete last night,” or, “I would rather not think about the next disaster recovery compliance audit,” then it’s time for you to think about modernising your backup solution.
To solve your “backup headaches,” NetApp E-Series and the Veeam Hyper-Availability Platform offer joint solutions that simplify backup and recovery, enhance operational efficiencies and mitigate risk, while providing the scalability needed to meet the explosive data demands of the digital economy.
Veeam “just works” in highly virtualised environments and is proven to reduce IT costs by 58%, admin time by 66% and increase SLA attainment by 20%.
NetApp E-Series hybrid flash systems facilitate very quick backup and recovery speeds so organisations can meet their backup and recovery SLAs, and provides the efficient, modular scalability needed to ensure that as data volumes grow, the solution will scale to meet ongoing business demands.
The combination of Veeam and NetApp E-Series allows for the creation of a high-speed “landing zone” for backups. This delivers much faster backup and recovery performance, and it also provides the ability to move or archive backup data to cloud storage, deduplication devices or tape, for enhanced IT efficiencies and lower costs. 
If backup and recovery is holding your business and IT team back, it shouldn’t be. An investment in a modern backup and recovery solution, like the NetApp E-Series and the Veeam Hyper-Availability Platform, will deliver returns many times over. If you’re worrying about any part of your own backup and recovery, you should do yourself a favour and look at how you can modernise and make those worries disappear with NetApp and Veeam.
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