ASEAN IT Professionals Exhibit Maturing Views on Cloud and Virtualisation

Looking at how IT professionals in the ASEAN nations’ strategy around virtualisation and cloud is evolving, perceptions are changing as people become more confident and comfortable with cloud and virtualisation technologies. ASEAN seems to be moving at breakneck speeds when it comes to cloud and virtualisation. Just a few years ago, IT departments were taking their first hesitant steps into virtualising their less critical servers and cloud was very much experimental. Move on to today and what Nutanix has been finding in day-to-day customer interactions, is a growing confidence and understanding of these critical technologies.

Companies are increasingly placing greater importance on service levels when it comes to cloud, signifying a growing trust in the underlying technology used by cloud providers. Likewise, when it comes to server virtualisation, companies are comfortable with the concept, but realise that they don’t have to be tied to a single hypervisor.

DSA recently conducted a survey titled “Virtualisation and Cloud Strategy in ASEAN”, commissioned by Nutanix, to provide a little bit of insight on how the needs and attitudes within the region are evolving. Over 100 IT professionals were surveyed across Indonesia and Malaysia, with findings which demonstrate a maturing of views in this space.

Whilst VMware is currently the dominant hypervisor, the survey results suggest that there is currently a transition in progress and more companies in Indonesia and Malaysia – one in four to be precise – are open to changing their hypervisors. This notion was unheard of just several years ago.

On the question of cloud adoption, the findings indicated that reality may be slightly different from the headlines. Whilst hype is understandably high around public cloud, the survey found that over half of companies are using on-premise private cloud. This endorses Nutanix’s experience in the field, where they are finding that IT professionals have moved beyond assuming that cloud providers are the answer for all cloud requirements. They are starting to realise that it is entirely possible to build cloud functionality into their own datacentres, and that functionality as well as capability are more important than how or who delivers it.

Perhaps the most important finding that came from the survey was that people are thinking much more about compatibility between public cloud, hosted cloud and their own on-premise infrastructure. Over 80% of those surveyed acknowledged that their choice of on-premise infrastructure certainly has an impact on their choice of cloud provider, with over 20% explicitly stating that it is important for mobility of workloads between on-premise and cloud. This suggests a realisation that to derive the true promise of cloud, there needs to be compatibility and integration across underlying technologies.

Nutanix truly believes that to leverage enterprise cloud, people need openness and choice. And they practice this by supporting industry standard hypervisors as well as offer their own hypervisor built on open industry standards. This is done because people are building on-premise enterprise clouds on Nutanix and want the flexibility to link those into their hybrid cloud strategy. The more open the solutions can be, the more choices customers get. The survey suggests that ASEAN IT professionals are starting to see how important this approach is becoming.

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