Affordable and Flexible Storage with Just Right IT

Data is becoming such a critical asset as businesses continue to undergo digital transformation. Small and midsize businesses especially are under increasing pressure to embrace digitisation or risk being left on the sidelines and due to the rapid rate at which data is growing, data management as well as the need to secure all of that data are inching higher and higher on the priority list for many SMBs.

On the other hand, the volume and variety of data that is available today also present new opportunities for SMBs to improve and optimise their operations. Businesses must be able to make the most of their data and having the right storage infrastructure is a vital component of a company's success.

But businesses have no way of knowing how quickly their data needs will increase. So it’s equally as important to consider storage that not only meets their current requirements, but can easily and affordably scale in the future. Seeing the big picture from a technology perspective will help companies avoid painting themselves into a corner at their next stage of growth.

For best results, they should partner with a proven IT expert that truly understands the needs of small and midsize businesses. HPE has developed the Just Right IT program to cater specifically for that very market. Backed by a robust portfolio of technology and financial services, HPE Just Right IT aims to deliver the right infrastructure and solutions that are tailored for each organisation to help them achieve their specific business outcomes.

HPE’s market-leading entry-level MSA storage solutions, for example, were built to help SMBs to address their concerns on growth, speed and uptime. By allowing SMBs to leverage the fast performance and response times of solid state disk storage, not to mention advanced data services that used to be only available on more costly, mid-range and enterprise disk arrays, HPE has made the technology simpler, more reliable, affordable and flexible.

Other systems in HPE’s entry-level storage offerings include:

· HPE StoreEasy Storage - HPE’s optimised, highly available NAS
· HPE StoreVirtual Storage - SDS solution that scales out for virtualized applications
· HPE Disk Enclosures - Modular disk enclosures to address growing storage needs

All of the systems were engineered to accommodate different business requirements and allow businesses to increase their storage as their data grows. By bringing enterprise capabilities to entry storage customers, HPE Just Right IT allows even the smallest companies with the tightest budgets to have the necessary resources to compete big.

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