3PAR Why The Devil Is In The Detail – Part 3

Security Software Suite

Let me ask you a question. If you were rich or lucky enough to own a Ferrari, would you be happy if it had no seat belts or if the airbags didn’t work?

It’s a rhetorical question.

Almost everyone likes the thrill of speed but not without the appropriate safety being in place. It’s interesting that flash vendors often like to use this comparison in their marketing imagery. At DSA we like the imagery. It does a good job of visibly demonstrating one of the drivers for adopting all flash array technology. We also think it’s useful to take this comparison further.

When it comes to Flash, speed is a given; warranted that speed comparisons are still important, but focusing a little further down the spec sheets and seeking out the supporting facts is crucial. Just because your disk is going to read and write your data fast, does that mean you can choose to forget about securing that data?  Another rhetorical question.

HPE with 3PAR have quietly and steadily been increasing their market share in the all flash array space. In our opinion at DSA, they have been doing so because they focus on the details that support their all flash offerings.

The Security Software Suite is one such example. This suite enables IT Storage administrators to segregate domains and create secure access and enhanced storage services by application and user groups. It also provides functionality that enables compliance with secure data retention requirements.

When you invest in Flash the need for enterprise class supporting features does not disappear, where security matters, ask the questions and study the detail. Make sure you protect against that high-speed accident waiting to happen.

To find out more about the HPE 3PAR Security Software Suite and why it’s critical in your AFA selection process click here

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